New Crime Theatre

Rock Covers in STL

About Us

Live Rock and Pop

  New Crime Theatre is a five-piece rock and pop cover band that performs with passion and precision.  We love to take songs and make them our own, and while you may notice we play a bit of everything, we're pretty sure we've got something for everyone in our bag of tricks!  

The Players

Heather Moon-Jones:  Keys & Vox

Michele "Mice" Ralston:  Lead Vox

Bart Gilliland:  Lead Guitar

Ryan Treasure:  Drums & Vox

Jason Adams:  Bass and Vox

How to Find Us

Band Contact:  (636) 575-6134

Booking Contact:  American Bands
(636) 265-0500

Lessons & Gear:  BISCO Music

(636) 441-7707

Upcoming Shows

No upcoming events.

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New Crime Theatre

(636) 575-6134